2019 – Official Selection

The Dirty South - Poster

THE DIRTY SOUTH (2019) by Avery Rost

Screens Friday, October 18th – 8pm


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FULL MOON (2019) by Jochen Mesle, Max Kroneck, Philipp Becker and Johannes Muller

This new ski film was shot without any artificial light during the full moon periods of Winter 2019. A challenge not only for the skiers, but also for the filmmakers.
Screens Saturday, October 19th – 8pm


Ice Cream 1.5 - Poster

ICE CREAM 1.5 (2018) by Ben Howells
Ice Cream 1.5 documents six English wakeboarders through one year of riding, traveling, highs, lows, injury and recovery in their homeland and beyond.

Screens Friday, October 18th – 8pm


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OF THE SEA (2019) by Jordyn Romero
Of the Sea is an inspirational, feminist sur film that follows a mother and her entrepreneurial efforts to raise awareness of the world’s plastic consumption.

Screens Saturday, October 19th – 6:30pm


Return to Earth - Poster

RETURN TO EARTH (2019) by Darcy Wittenburg

Return to Earth is the ninth feature from award-winning adventure filmmakers Anthill Films. A cinematic journey that will immediately transport you into that feeling of total immersion you get on a bike ride.
Screens Saturday, October 19th – 8pm


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RIOS PATAGONICOS (2018) by Marie Leclere and Bruno Fromento

In 2018, the “Rios Patagonicos” expedition took 15 canyoneers to stride the immensity of Chilean Patagonia, in search for rivers and waterfalls. The goal: explore untouched territories, spot and open over 30 canyons, in a place where the discipline of canyoneering is close to non-existent.
Screens Saturday, October 19th – 6:30pm


The Spirit of Flatness - Poster

THE SPIRIT OF FLATNESS (2018) by Pawel Jaworski

Documentary film about traveling through the country of Finland, snowboarding and figuring out practice of this sport in such difficult (flat) geographical conditions, practically without any mountains.
Screens Friday, October 18th – 8pm


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THE UNKNOWN RACER (2019) by Danya Razuvaev
RedBull Knock Out is one of the toughest motocross beach races in the world.  Since 2006 it takes place in Scheveningen, Netherlands and attracts entries from over 1,000 riders every year. The first time a Russian racer decided to participate in this legendary event was in 2018. He is not a professional rider but has a true passion for it.  In this film we look at his motivations and dreams which took him all the way to RedBull Knock Out.

Screens Saturday, October 19th – 6:30pm


Visions of the Lost Sierra - Title Screen

VISIONS OF THE LOST SIERRA (2018) by Matt Ritenour
A look into the past, present and future of the Middle Fork of the Feather River, one of the first 8 rivers designated Wild & Scenic in 1968.

Screens Friday, October 18th – 8pm


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THE WORLD IS A SKATEPARK: Photographer J. Grant Brittain (2019) by Bill Wisneski
The World is a Skatepark shares the work and stories of legendary skateboarding photographer J. Grant Brittain. In his 40-years as a photographer, he captures some of the most iconic images in skate history, documenting the rise of future pro skaters like Tony Hawk.

Screens Saturday, October 19th – 8pm