Friday, October 21st

SET #1 – 7-9pm
Doors open at 7pm, films start at 7:30pm.

Jumbo Wild
– FLASHES OF THE ALTAI by Joey Schusler (5 min)
MY OWN PRIVATE MONSTER by George Opadchy & Curtis Redden (24 min)

JUMBO WILD by Nick Waggoner (1 hr)

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SET #2 – 9-11pm
Doors open at 9pm, films start at 9:30pm.

Klocked: Women With Horsepower
– BEYOND THE VEIL by Weston Walker, Trevor Clark & Laurel Winterbourne-Clark (3 min)
– THROUGH THE CLOUDS AND WATER by A Common Future (8 min)
NOT2BAD by Darcy Wittenberg, Colin Jones & Darren McCullough (34 min)
KLOCKED: WOMEN WITH HORSEPOWER by Michelle Carpenter (43 min)

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